Therapy Services

Therapeutic Consultation 

The Hacienda Heights' ABLE  services continue to search for opportunities for learning and interaction of children of variable developmental levels in the classroom setting and is designed for optimal family-based attendance and full participation.  In-Home sessions are available as needed.

  • Physical Therapy consultation focuses on techniques to develop optimally, emphasizing strength, balance, control, coordination and motor skills, such as crawling and walking. 

  • Occupational Therapy consultation emphasizes daily living skills appropriate to age and ability level, including hand use, fine motor skills, coordination, oral motor and feeding.

  • Speech and language consultation stresses the development of an effective system of communication, through use of “total communication” strategies, including verbal language, sign and augmentative communication. 
  • Family Therapy consultation is provided within the context of developmentally appropriate strategies, focusing on each individual and the family as an integral unit for optimal functioning within the community setting.

  • Applied Behavior Analysis consultation provides families with an understanding of the root causes of their children’s behavior. Applied Behavior Analysis interventions focus on responding to behaviors in a manner that combines clear, concise consequences with the teaching of replacement skills as alternatives to undesirable behaviors.